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The scope of most documentation projects is fairly easy to define. The problems usually occur after the general definition.

  •  BRAINSTORM:  This is where the general scope of the assignment gets bounced off the walls until there is a clear project definition.
  •  PLAN:  The who's, when's, and where's are determined. This will most likely have you revisit the brainstorming session.
  •  RESEARCH:  This is the most time consuming and, generally, most distasteful part of any documentation project. With the amount of information readily available on the Internet, research time is drastically reduced - and the quality/quantity of research is increased.
  •  EACH REVISION: Ah, yes! The fun part. Revision after revision can consume the entire project. You must establish certain guidelines to keep this revision cycle to a minimum. Other than glaring mistakes (typos or incorrect words or statements), ask yourself if the revision is really necessary. In other words, does the meaning change?
  •  BRAINSTORM: We are right back where we began. This cycle repeats as often as the project requires. However, keep in mind that you must not go overboard. If you find that you are recycling through this process, the scope was probably not well-understood.