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L RICKS ASSOCIATES offers two types of training:

  1. Training owned by our consulting clients. We develop courses, labs, and supporting materials that our customers own. In most cases, we can provide an instructor to deliver the course.
  2. Training that we own, specifically,
  • FrameMaker vs. Word (5 days)
  • Basic Electronics for Production Technicians (3 days)
  • Train-the-Trainer (3 half-days, at client's facilities)
  • HTML Basics (3 half-days)

Classes can be held at either the customer's facility or an off-site location. The advantage of off-site training is the elimination of work-related interruptions. The course type will usually determine whether an off-site program is preferable to being on-site.

L RICKS ASSOCIATES develops training programs for our clients. Training is expensive to develop and is usually your responsibility for allocating resources to develop a training program. This is even more difficult when new products have such a short life cycle or is evolving rapidly. It is a never-ending moving target. We can help establish objectives and design a training program that meets the objectives. Your program may include one of the following kinds of course(s):

  • Product introduction
  • Advanced topics and techniques
  • Interfaces with other products (yours or a third party)
  • Develop specific, recommended methodologies when using your product
  • Training-Module Development

Our focus is in manufacturing, test, and high tech processing. However, we can also assist you in your software course development programs. We:

  • Design training programs
  • Develop new courses and revamp existing courses (including labs)
  • Produce training material to support courses (including any lab materials)
  • Deliver training courses
  • Develop and deliver train-the-trainer programs